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Nov 23, 2023
Opstad, Ida, 2023, "Fluorescence microscopy videos of mitochondria and endosomes in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts", https://doi.org/10.18710/HQDBYF, DataverseNO, V3
This dataset contains a series of three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy videos of the rat cardiomyoblast cell-line H9c2. The outer mitochondrial membrane is labeled with either mCherry (a red fluorescent protein) or eGFP (enhanced green fluorescent protein). Membrane-bound ve...
Nov 23, 2023
Opstad, Ida, 2023, "Fluorescence microscopy videos of mitochondria in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts", https://doi.org/10.18710/11LLTW, DataverseNO, V2
Series of three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy videos of the rat cardiomyoblast cell-line H9c2. Where indicated in the file name, the cells were adapted to galactose (galac). Normal growth conditions are with glucose (gluc). The outer mitochondrial membranes are labelled wit...
Nov 22, 2023
Appenroth, Daniel; West, Alexander; Hazlerigg, David; Wood, Shona; Ravuri, Chandra; Holmen, Mariel, 2023, "Replication Data for: The reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) circadian clock is rhythmic, entrainable and temperature compensated.", https://doi.org/10.18710/YCURBQ, DataverseNO, V2
This data sets includes all necessary bioluminescence and activity recording. Bioluminescence data is baseline corrected and activity data is binned into 10 minute intervallls. The data sets also includes R codes to determined the Q10 values and to generate the wavelet analysis
Nov 16, 2023
Wagner, Theresa Maria; Pöntinen, Anna; Rubaye, Mushtaq AL; Sundsfjord, Arnfinn; Hegstad, Kristin, 2023, "Supplement for: Adaptive cell wall thickening in Enterococcus faecalis is associated with decreased vancomycin susceptibility", https://doi.org/10.18710/5QMKDN, DataverseNO, V2
Supplement for «Adaptive cell wall thickening in Enterococcus faecalis is associated with decreased vancomycin susceptibility» Table1: Supplementary_table1_Snpdist.csv SNP distance of isolates as calculated using Snippy with E03812 as reference. Columns and rows are strains as in...
Nov 15, 2023
Tuomi, Maria W., 2023, "Replication Data for: Greening conceals evergreening: can allelopathy undermine the resource base of a reindeer pastoralist system?", https://doi.org/10.18710/WZ5RSE, DataverseNO, V1
1. Ongoing Arctic greening can increase productivity and reindeer pasture quality in the tundra. However, greening may also entail proliferation of unpalatable species, with distinct consequences for pastoral socialo-ecological systems (SES). 2. We show extensive greening across...
Oct 24, 2023
Domel, Przemyslaw, 2023, "Replication Data for: "Local seismicity and sediment deformation in the west Svalbard margin: Implications of neotectonics for seafloor seepage"", https://doi.org/10.18710/TP4CMS, DataverseNO, V1
The attached dataset contains earthquake locations and the input files for software used to calculate them (HYPOSAT) and two seismic lines presented in the manuscript. Earthquakes were recorded during an ocean bottom seismometer experiment (OBS) between 08-2020 and 07-2021. Ten i...
Oct 20, 2023
Panieri, Giuliana; Argentino, Claudio; Savini, Alessandra, 2023, "Replication data for: An Arctic natural oil seep investigated from space to the seafloor", https://doi.org/10.18710/65WIJO, DataverseNO, V1
Prins Karls Foreland is a small and elongated island on the western flank of the Svalbard archipelago. It belongs to the system of complex host and graben structures of the West-Spitsbergen fold-and-thrust belt. Intense gas flaring and oil slicks have been observed at this site....
Oct 18, 2023
Fallati, Luca; Panieri, Giuliana, 2023, "Microbathymetry of Haakon Mosby mud volcano, acquired with multibeam echosounder mounted on ROV ÆGIR6000, during the CAGE21-1 cruise within the AKMA project", https://doi.org/10.18710/C1R1IN, DataverseNO, V2
The Haakon Mosby Mud Volcano (HMMV) is situated in the Arctic Ocean, around 100 km from the Norwegian coast, on the Southwest Barents Sea slope 1250 meters below the surface. This dataset includes RAW ROV multibeam echosounders data collected onboard R/V Kronprins Håkon (22-05-21...
Oct 11, 2023
Belibassakis, Kostas; Perera, Lokukaluge Prasad; Adnan, Muhammad, 2023, "Demonstrating the dynamic wing technology at real sea conditions using 10-12m long, self-propelled ship model", https://doi.org/10.18710/VXGPII, DataverseNO, V1
The Seatech project is devoted to the demonstration of the dynamic using large scale models tested wing at sea and the engine technology testing in relevant environment. The project tasks include the design of full-size wing, the system Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) and using t...
Oct 4, 2023
Mannberg, Andrea, 2023, "Background data for: "Risky Positioning - social aspirations and risk-taking behaviour in avalanche terrain"", https://doi.org/10.18710/UHPYAB, DataverseNO, V1
This dataset contains information from a survey that was distributed in North America from January to April, in 2018. To target the population of interest for this study, backcountry riders, we distributed a link to the survey via the American avalanche education provider the Ame...
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